Learn to swim

Why Learn To Swim–It’s not Merely a Skill, but a Life Skill.

Did you think swimming is only a fun activity?

Learn to swim

If yes, then it is the time to ponder a little on the below-mentioned facts taken from the annual report of the World Health Organization.

  • Drowning is the world’s third leading cause of death occurred after unintentional injury.
  • 7% of unintentional injury deaths are caused by drowning only.
  • In the year, over 360 000 deaths across the globe have been reported.
  • Children are at the highest risk. There are more children drowned compared to adults.

The scenario in Singapore is not so different.

A joint study of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Singapore Civil Defence Force revealed that every seven out of 10 fatal drownings occurred during 2012 to 2014 was due to the absence of lifeguards.

Another shocking revelation of the study was that four out of 10 victims were under the age of ten. With increasing condominium culture in Singapore, the number of pools has far outnumbered the lifeguard numbers.

With more than 2,000 swimming pools across the country, pools without lifeguards are nothing else a death-pit. Aren’t these figures shocking?

Have you ever thought that a simple life skill like swimming could exclude you from those figures?

If you have not, you may like to reconsider.

On the surface, swimming seems same as other sports. However, the reality is far-flung. It is more than a sport. Maybe, a life skill that every parent should teach to the children.

 As a parent, the onus to make your kids self-efficient is on you. Just like the way to teach them to speak, walk, and talk, teaching them swimming at an early age is a step towards the same direction.

Swimming is synonymous of safety

When we talk about swimming, the reasons for learning it hovers in one’s mind. One of the most obvious reasons is safety. With swimming learning, you can ensure the safety of yourself at first.

Water hazard does not come when you are in and around a sea or river. It can happen in the swimming pool as well and above-mentioned data gives you an insight into that fact.

In 2016, there were 2,400 licensed swimming pools around in Singapore. That means there is water hazard is everywhere. Singapore is an island, which implies that water hazard is everywhere. With such high possibilities of drowning, you can’t ignore the worth of swimming in this case.

Apart from ensuring your own safety, swimming also makes you capable to save a drowning life in front of you. When you know how to swim, you can be a knight in shining armour to whomever struggling hard to save their lives in water.

The human body is made in a way that it can’t survive under water over 2 minutes without conditioning or proper technique.  Knowing how to move in water helps an individual to survive in water in emergency.

Swimming lets you enjoy the best of life

The sight of dolphins riding over the water waves is indeed breath-taking.  Water sports like surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, triathlon, Yachting, and snorkeling are some pastimes which you can feel extreme thrill and excitement. Being an island country and a hub of recreational activities, Singapore has a lot to offer in this area. Water sports in this part of the globe will surely fill you with great fervour and gusto.

However, you can enjoy all these activities if only you know how to swim. This simple life skill empowers you how it feels to riding waves.

Swimming ensures good health and wellness

Are you looking for a workout that is both fun and result-oriented?
Swimming is the answer.

Swimming is like a blessing in disguise. Along with ensuring you for the safety around water and letting you enjoy the best of life, swimming also keeps you healthy and fit. It is actually a good full-body workout.

For better clarity, pay attention to below-mentioned figures.

  • A person with an average body weight of 60kg can easily burn around 590 calories by swimming freestyle for an hour.
  • A person with an average body weight of 70kg can easily burn around 704 calories by swimming freestyle for an hour. 
  • A person with an average body weight of 80kg can easily burn around 817 calories by swimming freestyle for an hour. 
  •  A person with an average body weight of 90kg can easily burn around 651 calories by swimming freestyle for an hour. 

All these figures clearly establish the functionality of swimming as an exercise. In addition, it is one such exercise that suits people of all ages and gender and can pursue easily throughout life with no hassles. As a low-impact exercise on the joints, the elderly and young children can also join in the fun.

50 push-ups might hurt your joints so badly that taking few steps post it would be different. However, an hour continuous swimming hurt your joints lesser as water acts as a buoyancy force during swimming. It supports your body and mobility. That is why people with certain physical disabilities pick up swimming easily.

The breath control technique you learn as a part of your swimming lessons strengthen up your core and improves your blood circulation inside the body. Asthmatic patients benefit greatly from swimming.

So, don’t stop yourself and start learning this life skill today with Little Fishes.