Swimming lessons in Singapore

Swimming lessons in Singapore

Swimming lessons in Singapore is a great way to chill. With the temperature-boosting El Nino weather phenomenon, this year can see temperatures soaring to new heights, say Singapore’s climate experts. “We’re noting a rising temperature trend in the Pacific, especially under the ocean, so we’re poised for El Nino,” Dr Muhammad Eeqmal Hassim, senior research scientist at the Centre for Climate Research Singapore.

Westerly wind

“The signs are there. We just need a kick start, such as a westerly wind burst, for it to happen.” Take the Plunge with Little Fishes to beat the heat and have fun outdoors!

Warm is the new Normal

Warm is the new norm, according to the centre under the Meteorological Service Singapore, which released its annual climate assessment report today.

In fact, in a worrying sign of things to come, the country’s coolest month this decade – at 26.9 deg C – was the same temperature as the hottest month in the 1970s.

With above-average temperatures, though punctuated by a brief cool spell. Last year the eighth warmest year on record here. The average annual temperature was 27.9 deg C last year.

Heat Waves

In a sign of the long-term ongoing warming in the country due to climate change and urbanisation. Singapore’s top 10 warmest years have all occurred in the past 25 years, and the last 10 years (2009 to 2018) were the warmest ever. Take the Plunge!

Swimming lessons in Higher Temperature

“We’ve shifted to a new higher temperature, and it will continue to rise,” said Dr Muhammad.

Take the Plunge

Social awareness

When and whether it stabilises is hard to predict. Each individual has a part to play in tipping the balance.

Singapore Weather

If nothing is done, Singapore and the world will experience more weather extremes, he warned. Take the swimming plunge in Singapore.