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Toddler swimming lessons Singapore

 Toddlers can start Swimming Lessons in Singapore today

Toddler Swimming lessons Singapore can start as early as 18 months for your children!

Toddler Swimming Lessons Singapore

Milestone for Toddler

The development of toddlers can be broken up into phases and each phase can be analyzed to track the growth. 

How toddler grow

With time toddlers grow in size and improve their motor skills like walking, running, jumping and climbing. Moreover, toddlers also develop fine motor skills to feed themselves, draw or manipulate objects. Thus, toddler swimming lessons can help you achieve these objectives with ease.

Improved Vision With Growth

Looking for objects in the pool will help the toddlers to be agile and develop their sights in a better way. Thus, enabling them to improve their motor skills and vision.

Toddler swimming lessons are useful

Furthermore, you can chart the periods of development for your toddlers, it is also necessary to recognize that development is an on-going process. Toddler swimming lessons will hence help your toddler grow in all aspects of growth.

Toddler swimming lessons

According to experts, there are specific milestones that you can achieve with your toddles by certain ages and stages in life. Thus, the Toddler Swimming Lessons are developed keeping in view these very necessary goals for each part of the age.  We ensure you that you will be extremely satisfied with these swimming lessons.  

Our Swimming Program

Our toddler Swimming lessons Singapore will consist of constant safety watch from professional life guards. Moreover, specialized training instructors will be accompanying the toddlers. As a result of this, you will be able to see the toddlers moving around water confidently. We will also help you in achieving lesson 3.5.5 for floating on the back. This will help the toddlers to achieve confidence in the water and improve their balance.

Why do we condition toddler during swimming classes?

Conditioning helps to teach the toddlers breathing control in the water. Furthermore, conditioning will also help to promote a positive and happy underwater control and will help increase the time for which the toddlers will be able to hold breath. Thus, by conditioning, the toddler will be more mentally and physically able for  swimming.

Benefits of regular conditioning

By practicing conditioning regularly, your toddler will be more comfortable in the water when they move up for regular water activities.

How will conditioning help in swimming lessons?

Conditioning will trigger words that will become their invitation to swim. Improving their listening and interpretation skills which are useful for their communications ability

Lessons structure with safety

Lessons structure with Humpty dumpty and Animal on the wall games will help a toddler understand water safety

Take the plunge

Take the Plunge and give your little toddler the precious Toddler swimming lessons in Singapore today!