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Swimming is considered to be one of the best multi-pronged exercises in the world. In addition, swimming is more than a mere exercise. Since while swimming you can relax, meditate and fully enjoy your time. Thus, the HeartBeat Bedok welcomes you onboard for exciting and relaxing sessions all week long (except Thursdays).

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Why You Should Join the HeartBeat Bedok?

Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do to stay healthy and fit. In addition, swimming gives you the freedom to exercise without fearing injury or stressing our like in other exercises. Furthermore, swimming benefits your health in more ways than you can possibly think. For instance:

  • Swimming helps in increasing muscular coordination in your body.
  • Also, swimming makes you feel fresh and energetic.
  • Your cognizance improves due to swimming.
  • Further, your stamina increases substantially after regular sessions of swimming.
  • Swimming keeps your heart healthy.

There are many more benefits of swimming that you can fully reap if you know how to swim properly. In case you are swimming wrong, you will never be able to reap the full benefits of swimming. Thus, the complex offers the best lessons in town to master the art of swimming. With our experienced and licensed instructors, you can master the art of swimming with-in days. Also, we have specialized programs for clients of all age groups and backgrounds. You can easily select the program of your choice and start learning swimming.


The Heartbeat Bedok is situated at an ideal location that provides you easy access to nearby shopping centers, parks, and markets. It is only 1.4 Km away from the Bedok Shopping Centre, Bedok Market Place, and Sheng Siong. Besides that, it is only 2 km away from Eng Say Garden, The Domain, Sheng Siong Wet Market, and Siglap Centre.


Singapore 469662

Telephone Number: 64435511

How to reach HeartBeat Bedok?

Since the Bedok swimming complex is situated in the heart of the city, it is extremely easy to reach it. Mainly if you do not have your personal transport you can use any of the following options to make it to the complex:

Through Bus

The following buses can be used to reach HeartBeat Bedok:

  • Bus number 12E and 67 will take you to the Bedok swimming complex. 

If you are traveling from Takashimaya, then you will have to first take bus 175 to connect to bus 12E.

In case you are traveling from Lucky Plaza then you will have to use bus 7 to connect to bus 12E. 

While if you are traveling from City Square Mall,  then bus 67 will take you directly to Bedok.

And if you are traveling from Ion Orchard, then bus 167 will connect you to bus 12E. 

In case you are traveling from Marina Square, then bus 960 will connect you to bus 12E, that will take you to the swimming complex. 

By Underground

The swimming complex is situated near the Underground EW (East-West) line. You can use multiple ways to reach the EW line and then travel to the swimming complex.

In order to know the exact timings of buses, underground and other public transport you can use the Moovit App.

Nearest Swimming Complex

Heartbeat Bedok Operating Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday: 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Tuesday, Saturday, and Public Holiday: 8:00 AM – 9:30 PM

(Closes on Every Thursday for Pool Maintenance)

Entrance Fee

Adult S$1.50S$2.00



  • Sheltered Training pool with 8 lanes (1.2 meters deep)

This state of the art pool is designed on international swimming standards. As it is covered, you will find it to be clean and ready to swim around the clock.

  • Learner Pool (0.6 to 0.9 meter deep)

The learner pool has been designed keeping in mind the learners and their issues while learning to swim.

  • Competition Pool having 8 lanes (1.2 to 1.8 meter deep)

heartbeat bedok swimming pool

The competition pools are not open to the general public. These pools are only used during any swimming competitions. In case you want to participate in such an event you can contact us in advance.

  • Wading /Fun Pool (0.5 meters deep)

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These pools are developed for children and families who want to have fun in the pool. You can enjoy multiple water sports in these pools while you enjoy and have a nice time with your family.

  • Interactive Pool with Play Features and Jacuzzi (0.7 meters deep)

The interactive pool also hosts multiple fun features that will keep you and your family busy for hours. While you are having fun with your family, you can enjoy the warm currents of the artificial Jacuzzi installed in the pool.

  • Seating Gallery

The seating gallery has been developed for the audience during competitions. In case you want to visit any competition you can check for seat availability and enjoy a great competition sitting in your relaxing seats.

  • Lifeguard Duty

We have professional lifeguards on duty around the clock. You can feel safe now as you and your children are always under the supervision of trained lifeguards. Furthermore, our lifeguard staff consists of thorough professionals who deal with each situation with sheer professionalism. You can count on our lifeguards and enjoy without a hassle.

Swimming Lessons at HeartBeat Bedok 

Water holds a natural attraction for humans of all ages. Thus, Bedok complex takes care of all its clients by providing wonderful swimming lessons.  Moreover, we have something to offer to everyone who wants to walk through our gates. As a result, we have designed special swimming lessons for you that are tailor-made for kids, ladies, adults. the elderly, corporate employees, etc. Thus, you can choose the lessons that suit you the best and proceed accordingly.

In addition, we believe that everyone should fully experience the excitement of swimming at the complex. Our highly expert swimming instructors hold several years of experience in teaching swimming to both children and adults. In addition, all our swimming instructors are licensed by the Singapore Sports Council.

We offer the following swimming lessons to you:

  • Baby Swimming Lessons (4 to 24 Months Old)

These swimming lessons have been designed keeping in view the latest research that shows how swimming can boost confidence and growth in babies. Moreover, our experienced and highly-trained instructors take full-care of the little angels as they splash and enjoy their time in the swimming pools. We understand that you care for your little ones and that’s why we have special arrangements for parents who want to accompany their toddlers for the sessions.

  • Kids Swimming Lessons

Keeping in view the changing needs of children’s ages we have designed a separate swimming program for children over the age of 2. In addition, studies prove that swimming from the ages of 2 to 5 helps strengthen children’s muscles and improves muscular coordination. As a result, we have designed interactive swimming lessons for children. In these sessions, instructors work on different focus areas for children to master. These focus areas include breathing control, muscular movements, and muscular coordination.  Furthermore, kids have designated pools at the complex where they can have all the fun they want.

  • Adult Swimming Lessons

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If you are an adult and have not yet mastered the art of swimming, then you have come to the right place. We offer dedicated adult swimming lessons that are specifically designed for adults. As an adult, you can benefit from these swimming lessons. Since these lessons are tailor-made for adults keeping in view their ergonomics. Generally, these sessions are available on a weekly basis. But you can request for re-scheduling if you want to use our private swimming plans.

  • Private Swimming Lessons

Our private swimming lessons are available for individuals who want the undivided attention of instructors. Thus, you can contact our swimming instructors who can schedule a private session for you. You can greatly benefit from the private swimming lessons as you can focus on weak areas. Plus, you can schedule the pace of your training in consultation with your instructors.

  • Lifesaving Courses

In case you want to become a lifesaver, we have something amazing to offer for you. With our lifesaving courses, you will learn to become a swimming pro who can save lives when needed.  Moreover, you need to have basic swimming skills before you can become a part of this course. But we still encourage all our clients to participate in this course and make themselves ready for the challenge.

  • Swimming Lessons for Ladies

In addition to all our other swimming sessions, we offer dedicated swimming lessons for ladies. We keep the ladies’ requirements in mind and accommodate them. Also, we strongly believe that the complex provides equal opportunities for learning to everyone. Thus, you can benefit from our dedicated instructors for the ladies’ sessions. We guarantee that you will feel extremely comfortable in the swimming environment and with the professionalism of our instructors.

  • Family Swimming Lessons

Nothing beats the bonding of a family that learns swimming together. We understand that taking out time for the family is extremely difficult nowadays. But the complex offers a great opportunity for families to get together in the pool. Furthermore, your family will simply enjoy being in the pool together. Another attraction for hitting the family pool is observing other families having a ball at our dedicated family pools.

  • Corporate Swimming Lessons

While most of the corporate companies offer their employees free dinners, we encourage them to spend on something healthy. As a result, we have developed dedicated corporate swimming lessons. These swimming lessons are tailor-made for the corporate staff. Now you can beat the heat and relax by swimming from your hectic schedules.

What’s More to Learn About HeartBeat Bedok?

heartbeat bedok complex


The Bedok is a public swimming complex that was opened on August 1, 2017. This swimming complex is situated at the new Integrated Complex in Bedok North and is managed by Sport Singapore. Bedok is a residential town located along the south-eastern coast of Singapore.

The complex is serving as a lifestyle hub for residents of all ages. It has turned from an old skate park to a multipurpose building that has brought multiple sports services under one roof. The complex comprises of a seven-story building which spans an area of around three football fields.

The complex manages different facilities like the Bedok Public Library, the Sports Centre, Bedok Polyclinic, and Kampong Chai Chee Community Club. It holds more than 30 retailers including eateries, sports specialty shops, F&B outlets, education centers, and childcare.

Moreover, the complex houses four swimming pools, six sheltered tennis courts, and eight badminton courts. About 15 percent of Bedok residents are above the age of 65. Thus, many of the activities at the complex promote physical as well as social wellbeing for its residents.


Summing up, we welcome you for a thrilling and funfilled day at the HeartBeat Bedok. You can join us at any time the complex is open and avail the facilities. Furthermore, do not hesitate to reach out to us. And if you want to get more details about our swimming programs, please feel free to contact us here.