Baby Swimming Classes in Singapore

Baby swimming classes are suitable for all baby in Singapore confidently. Its an excellent sport and leisure for your little tot and yourself. Each family member can learn to swim at their own pace and targets. It’s a good recreation and creates quality family time and bonding when you learn a skill together through encouragement and fun time.

confident baby swimmer

Steven will approach every individual differently. Your well-trained coach will guide you with a balanced systematic approach on Jelly fish to tadpoles via cognito safe child handling without making your little one fearful in the water in your premise with your little one bonded in your arms

Improving motor skills with baby swimming class Singapore

With us you will explore a completely new way of  baby swimming class that you would not have experienced. We had categorized the whole learning process in different modules like introductory stage, learning stage and finishing stage.


Your water baby will be able to grip confidently, float, submerge with confidence, do a vertical jump and perhaps paddle to you to safety. needs.  Our methodology will adjust accordingly to each individual learning curve.

First phase  We will make you familiar with water. In a few baby swimming class in Singapore, you will be familiar with the water around you and this is the most important phase because this is the beginning stage. Our trainer will ask you to go underwater to find an object. There are a few games to complement your interest in the water. Through these games, you be familiar with the movement inside the water.

Second phase  In this phase you will get aware about the beginning of swimming like how to make strokes, how to balance in water, how to change direction etc. You should have a clear picture at all stages so that you come to know what exactly is needed for swimming.

Third phase  This is the final stage as per guidelines from us. In this phase, you will have a complete control on the swimming process. You can change your direction and style whenever you need. In this phase, practice should be done as much as possible so as to make swimming useful for you.

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