Lady Swimming Lessons

These are adult group lessons for female students to a lady swimming instructor in a class. These are for students who feel more comfortable, open and relax in a all female lesson. If you are a little insecure or self-conscious about swimming in a mixed gender adult class, personal or religious reasons, this is for you!

Learning how to swim comes naturally if you are in a comfortable environment.  And part of this learning environment are the people you are with.  Our Ladies Only Swimming Lessons is just the right swim class for ladies who want to learn with other ladies.  It makes for a more relaxed learning atmosphere.

Women of varying ages sign up with our Ladies Only Swimming Lessons for different reasons.  Some are mothers who want to learn how to swim so they can enjoy swimming with their kids.  Others are athletes who want a more relaxing sport.  Some just want to learn the proper swimming techniques and be able to work out in the pool while also working out alternatively in the gym.  There are still others who prefer swimming as therapy after an injury or surgery.

Little Fishes Lady Swimming Lessons - Two friends sharing after class
Take the Plunge after a hard day

For Parents That Have Kids Who Love Swimming

Kids need supervision while in the pool, even if they have already taken swimming lessons, they still need to have adults close by and in the pool with them.  Ladies Only Swimming lessons allow parents to concentrate on their own learning without the stress.  Being around women with the same learning goals are able to help and encourage one another through the sessions. Ladies who learn at an earlier age sometimes have difficulty relaxing in the water and the encouragements make it a bit easier.

For Athletes Who Want to learn a new Sport

A triathlon meet starts with the open water swimming phase.   How the race is won is very different from how swimming meets are done in the pool but the basic swimming techniques are fairly the same.   To be able to learn how to swim in open water, the learning still begins in the pool.  Proper floating and breathing techniques need to be mastered along with a relaxed swimming stroke.  At a Ladies Only Swim Class, you will learn among your peers without the strain of competition, it is all about learning and getting into a relaxed swimming state of mind.  You would then be much more at ease to brave the waves in open water.

For Women Who Wants To Add a Low Impact Cardiovascular Workout as a Regular Exercise

There are women who take their gym time seriously and they understand that resistance training can result in strained muscles.  Some take Yoga lessons and Pilates while others prefer being in the water.  Not only does swimming transport you in a different world while doing your laps, it also does wonders with your muscles.  The full body stretch and rhythmic breathing gives total full body relaxation.  However, this state of relaxed swimming can only be achieved if you have the proper technique. The Ladies Only class is just the right environment for you.  We consider each student’s learning pace is considered in every lesson.

After Giving Birth, Surgery or Injury

We understand that women are more sensitive than men when it comes to the way they look, especially after you have just come out of an ordeal.  As mentioned before, Swimming is a relaxing activity and how it is learned can be relaxing too.  It is great for women who want to feel good about themselves and be able to get the workout they need without asking too much form their body.

Join a Ladies Only Swimming Class now and experience the joys and the health benefits only Swimming can provide.

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