Students’ Testimonials

Swim Lesson Little Fishes Zhi Shuang's Testimonial
Dear Coach Steven, Thanks for being our coach! Training is every enjoyable because of you! Looking forward to successful season! – Zhi Shuang.
Swim Lesson Little Fishes Shelshah's Testimonial
Hello Coach! Thanks for being a family and good coach. Hope you will continue to put your faith in us and I hope you will have a great year ahead! We will do you proud! -Shelshah! 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
Swim Lesson Little Fishes Cheng Yu's Testimonial
Yo wadaap Steven! Thanks for being our coach for a few weeks srs(aka seriously) Looking forward to improve lots under you 😊 – Cheng Yu
Swim Lesson Little Fishes Student's Testimonial
Dear Coach, Thank you for improving my strokes while being clam and friendly. You actions motivate me to try harder & improve harder! Thank you! <3<3
Swim Lesson Little Fishes Jin's Testimonial
Dear Coach! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to come down to the pool twice a week to train us and prepare us for the swimming competition!! We promise to work hard!!! ~Jin
Swim Lesson Little Fishes Carlynn's Testimonial
Hi Coach Steven!! Thanks for accepting us and being willing to train us. It must be quite a challenge to take a team who has almost no experience to one that’s gonna compete for nats(national). Thanks for exposing us to the various strokes and just really being there for us to guide us and correct our stroke! Although we might not express it very much, we’re all very grateful!! Thanks again! ~Carlynn
Swim Lesson Little Fishes Stesha's Testimonial
Coach Thanks for such a great coach to all the swimmers and making training enjoyable! I really appreciate all the time you spend training with and hope to have most enjoyable trainings with you! – Stesha