Swimming Classes for Adults in Singapore

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Adult Swimming Classes

Adult swimming classes are becoming a go-to lifestyle activity for many people especially the adventurous souls. At Little Fishes, we provide swimming lessons in Singapore even private classes that aim to make swimming as easy as possible. Adult swimming classes are guided by a well-structured swimming program are conducive even for those who are new to the art.

For proper grading of progress and consistency, Little Fishes make use of the balanced scorecards which makes the correction of strokes more accurate. This technique is the first of its kind for a swimming lesson in Singapore and enhances the adult swimming experiences With this, it will be easy and quick to master breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly among other swimming techniques. Little Fishes are your ultimate destination if you are a 13year old and above looking for adventure, practices for competition as well as overseas traveling as a lifestyle.
We recommend you to send your question through enquiry, if you are looking to learn the proper strokes.
It is crucial to be consistent with these steps and follow one step after another:

1. Introduction to swimming and water skills

The introduction is meant to give a general exploration of swimming and to test the limits and knowledge of the swimmer in terms of confidence, comfort, and familiarity. Skills taught at this stage include:

  • Forward and backward movement
  • Safe water entry and exit
  • Personal safety in the water

2. Basic swimming skills

The main aim is to develop persistence through achieving 25m of non-stop swimming. The skills include:

  • Safety in all water environments
  • Safe unassisted water entry
  • Feet first surface dives

3. Stroke development

It involves teaching skills and persistence that will achieve 50m of continuous non-stop swimming. The skills taught include:

  • Sculling
  • Underwater skills
  • PFD use

4. Stroke improvement

This aims at achieving 100m of variations of strokes. The skills focused on include:

  • Stroke technique
  • Deepwater breathing technique and coordination
  • Throw rescues and personal survival skills

5. Stroke refinement

This will focus on improving coordination of strokes along 200m in the shortest time possible. Skills include

  • Basic diving
  • Advanced personal survival skills

6. Advanced swimming proficiency

The skills are perfected with the inclusion of variation of strokes over 400m in a time frame. It will include creativity and improvising of survival techniques.

About Little Fishes Swimming Lessons

Available for learners who are 13 years-olds and above, adult swimming lessons are conducted in groups. They are conducted in the following ways:

  • Duration of the lesson
    1 hour for each lesson
  • 12 Swimsafer Lesson/ 3-Month Frame
  • Group setting
    Per group consists of 3 to 5 students.
  • Private Lessons Available
    On weekdays, lessons for 1-on-1, home appointments are on weekdays, depending on the coach’s availability.
    Private group settings are also accepted in groups of up to 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not able to attend any lesson, will there be any makeup?

Makeup classes depend on if your lessons are a group or private. Makeup is not provided for a group practice, but for private, you are required to make a 3-day prior call or earlier to reschedule the training day, depending on coach’s available. 
You are encouraged to finish the swimming lessons consecutively.

Is there trial class?

The trial classes are only available for 12 years-old and below.
You are welcome to register with us and join us. Contact us for more information!

Am I asthmatic? Am I suitable for swimming?

Degrees of asthma vary, therefore we recommend a doctors opinion for you.

What do I need to bring for swimming lessons?

You are required to have your own swim gear, goggles and a float board for the first lesson. You can also call the instructor to check first.
The swimming instructor may advise you to buy other equipment if needed.

Are your swimming instructors qualified and proficient in handling adults?

Yes, our programme instructors are not only certified by Singapore Sports Council and Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association, but they are also certified lifeguards too. This will ensure your safety as well as confidence.

I couldn’t locate any answer for my question.

You can call us or email your inquiries.

Signing Up for Little Fishes Swimming Lessons for Adults

Ready to sign up for lessons? Get to know us more with a free trial class today! Indicate your interest below or call us at 9643 6331. All inquiries will be answered within 1-2 days.
Don’t delay your adventurous days ahead.