Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Lessons for Swimming in Singapore offers you a pleasant array of programs with very little Fishes. Babies, Toddlers, children and adults swimming lessons during this hot weather-worn Singapore. Swimming lessons can facilitate cool your temperature. Our structured swimming Lessons can exceed your expectation with positive expertise.

Best Swimming Lessons Singapore

Safe swimming lessons in Singapore had always been emphasized by Little Fishes with hands straight, stomach in. You will get the optimum buoyancy with this position. Discipline will also be enforced when the children cannot jump or play around in water in this position.

Toddler Swimming Classes Singapore

Why do we need Toddler Swimming Classes in Singapore? Singapore Toddler Swimming classes is essential for every Toddler of 6 months to 10 years of age as Singapore is surrounded by water. […]

Toddler Swimming Lessons Singapore

When can a Toddler start Swimming Lessons in Singapore Toddler Swimming lessons Singapore can start at 18 months! Mile stone for Toddler Toddler development can be broken down into a number of […]

Swimming lessons Toa Payoh

Why do we need to have swimming lessons Toa Payoh? Swimming Lessons Toa Payoh offers no crazy slides or giant, water-gushing mushrooms here. Just three inviting outdoor pools: a wading pool, teaching […]