Swimming Lessons for kids in Singapore

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Safe Swimming Lessons for Kids

If you are seeking an experienced swim instructor to provide kids swimming lessons, Little Fishes Swimming School Singapore will be perfect for you. We specialize in providing swimming lessons for children in group and private settings.

Benefits of kids learning swimming

If you are wondering how swimming benefits your children, please consider the following:

  • Heart and Lungs

    While many are aware of the fact that swimming is great exercise, it can also be beneficial to help develop your child’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In particular, swimming is known to help one’s heart and lungs.

  • Social Interaction

    Swimming lessons in groups allows social interaction. Bonding within the groups and during the lessons is imperative to have fun, and a course of exploration and discovery for their mental and physical development.

  • Boost Water Confidence

    Rather than waiting until later in life, getting swimming lessons for your kids helps to boost water confidence, buoyancy, water safety skills, and even encourages muscle development throughout the process. Play is a child’s work!

  • SwimSafer 2.0

    Swimsafer is a 6-stage program (from beginner, intermediate, advanced) outlines the survival skills at every level, allowing the kids to progressively develop their skills over time.

Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore
Children were preparing to swim with life jackets in Singapore

Little Fishes Swimming Lessons

Available for children aged two to six years with kids swimming lessons in a group basis.
Moreover, lessons are given in the following ways:

  • Duration of the lesson
    1 hour per week
  • 12 Lessons, 3-Month Frame
    1-lesson per week consecutively
    The coach will conduct a swim safer term test for the students to assess their skills.
  • Group setting
    Up to 10 children in each training lesson to one instructor.
  • Private Lessons Available
    On weekdays, lessons for 1-on-1, home appointments are on weekdays, depending on the coach’s availability.
    Private group settings are also accepted in groups of up to 5.
Children swam with floats and learnt to kick with floating boards in Singapore
Children swam with floats and learnt to kick with floating boards in Singapore

Class Policy

For children, they can wear swimming diapers if possible, before entering the pool. Otherwise, they will have to excuse themselves when they are in the pool.

Students are advised not to change the stipulated timing/days as it interferes with the class size and lesson adversely. Parents are greatly encouraged to follow course guideline and learning objectives in each level for the participants to avoid subjective outcomes.

Do speak to the swimming coach or call us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there trial class?

Yes, and you are welcome to register with us and join us. Contact us for more information!

Will my child be suitable for swimming if he is asthmatic?

We strongly recommend you to seek a doctor’s opinion as there are varying degrees of Asthma.

Are the instructors proficient in handling children?

Our instructors who conduct swimming lessons are fully qualified with the relevant certifications from the National Sports Council and Singapore Swimming Association. They are experienced and trained to teach swimming for kids.

I couldn’t locate any answer for my question.

Please call us or drop us a note with our enquiry, and we reach you soon!

Signing Up for Little Fishes Swimming Lesson for Kids

Ready to sign your little fish up for lessons?
Get to know us more with a free trial class today! Indicate your interest below or call us at 9643 6331. All inquiries will be answered within 1-2 days.
With us, swimming will be a fun and special through our quality trainers and programs.