Heartbeat@Bedok: All About To know

Heartbeat@bedok complex

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Daily 7.00am – 10.00pm


Singapore 469662

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Details about Heartbeat@Bedok

Do you want to measure the total land area of Heartbeat@Bedok? It’s too big and sure that the area is more than 3 football fields!

Bedok is officially launched on 4th February 2018 at Bedok North Street. It is the second community and lifestyle hub in Singapore.

The height of the Bedok is separated by seven stores and on the rooftop it containing swimming pools, badminton courts, and tennis courts. Bedok packed a community club, sports center, polyclinic, senior care center, public library and also more than 30 retailers below one roof. Having a big sports facilities which are taking up four-level with gross and green trees. It brings 8 indoor badminton courts, 6 sheltered tennis courts, 4 sheltered swimming pools, interactive play pools, and a gym. Feeling wow! Right? Yes! You can access to do all kinds of sports here.

heartbeat @ bedok infront swimming pool

Grassroots advisor Lee Yi Shyan said, “When we started to brainstorm on this idea, we never knew the Our Tampines Hub was in parallel, being developed. It was a pure coincidence. It was only much later that we realized”

bedok complex full view


Do you want to morning exercises at the atrium or want to swim in the pool? It will be very easy for you. Just a walking distance from the Bedok MRT station and Bus Interchange as well as nearby commercial malls. Also if you want you can join many other integrated community programs.

bedok public library writting

This is undoubtedly a wonderful place for book lovers. Yes, a public library! So, you just move there and enjoy the book with book lovers. This library covers an area of 4,150 square metres spread across the 2nd and 3rd story at Heartbeat@Bedok, and serves residents in the South East areas of Bedok North, Bedok Reservoir, Bedok South, Frankel, Kaki Bukit and Kembangan.

The heartbeat@Bedok is that building that has the largest and second active health lab. The residents of Bedok learn how to manage their health and fitness levels by joining a free hour-long program.

The agencies are providing at least 40% of their services committed to another agency. For example, SingHealth and ActiveSG are a partner and they recommend some patients for gym orientation at the gym club. I think it’s a great idea!

heartbeat@bedok logo in the wall

Polyclinic is an initiative for the residents and its goals to correct the misconception or sick people. If you are looking for wellness, this polyclinic will help you greatly. Dr. Juliana Bahadin who is the clinic director of Bedok polyclinic said that “We want to create a healthy ecosystem for our patients beyond the borders of our clinic for chronic and lifestyle diseases patients”. Patients also can enjoy life by overcoming all their adversities.

The Heartbeat@Bedok is built by unique planned which is the innovative for modern community-centric buildings. It’s containing an impressive array of passive environmental controls. It has rainwater and grey water systems which is mitigate solar heat and radiation. The result for this system is an environmentally progressive building, centered on reduced energy consumption, and lowered building operation and maintenance costs.

Almost 11 thousand people are given their opinion to further improve the facilities of Bedok.