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Toddler Swimming Lessons Singapore

When can a Toddler start Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Toddler Swimming lessons Singapore can start at 18 months!

Toddler Swimming Lessons Singapore

Mile stone for Toddler

Toddler development can be broken down into a number of interrelated areas of skills which can help them grow healthily.

How toddler grow

Toddler will grow in size with improvements on motor skills for walking, running, jumping and climbing. Toddler will also develop fine motor skills to feed themselves, draw or manipulate objects thus toddler swimming lessons can help you achieve this objective.

Vision improve with growth

Their vision will also improve to help them see better as they age. Looking for objects in the pool will help toddler to be agile in moto skills and vision.

Toddler swimming lessons are useful

Although it is useful to chart defined periods of development, it is also necessary to recognize that development exists on a continuum. With considerable individual differences between children with the ability to interact with the world. Toddler swimming lessons will be useful in this aspect of development.

Toddler swimming lessons

There is a wide range of what considers ‘normal’ development. However, according to experts, there are specific milestones that should be achieved by certain ages and stages in life in order to properly grow and develop. Toddler swimming lessons Singapore will help them grow in such phases.

Our Swimming Program

Our toddler Swimming lessons Singapore will consists of entry and exit safely with Moving in and around water confidently by walking, running or jumping. We will also help you in achieving lessons 3.5.5 for floating on the back. Floating on their back will help to achieve confidence in their well being as well as reduce stress.

Why do we condition toddler during swimming classes?

Conditioning will help to teach breath control on command. Conditioning will also help to promote a positive and happy submersion towards a longer extended submersion confidently in the water. A toddler will be ready mentally and physically for the next activity.

Benefits of regular conditioning

By practicing conditioning regularly, your toddler will be more comfortable in the water when you go for your regular water activities.

How will conditioning help in swimming lessons?

Conditioning will trigger words which will become their invitation to swim. Improving their listening and interpretation skills which is useful for their communications ability

Lessons structure with safety

Lessons structure with Humpty dumpty and Animal on the wall games will help toddler understand water safety

Take the plunge

Take the Plunge and give your little toddler the precious Toddler swimming lessons in Singapore today!